Mary Knize

About Me

As a little kid I made little programs on the TRS-80. I spent my teenage years viewing source code, and learned how to reverse-engineer websites. Now I'm a Development Team Lead at BlueToad doing full-stack development with JavaScript and PHP on a daily basis.

I'm currently working on sharpening my skills in web accessibility, learning Rust, and tinkering with IoT and home automation projects. I also make generative and glitch art. I also love cooking and baking, and sometimes I add new recipes to my blog.

Featured Posts

Learning how to control an LED light strip with an ESP8266 microcontroller and WLED

Making Wi-Fi LED light strips happen without a Raspberry Pi.

Creating a Wordle command line clone in Rust

Hopping on the Wordle craze a little too late, I decided to create a command-line Wordle clone in Rust called NOT THAT WORD GAME.

3D printing generative art with P5.js and Blender

How I use P5.js, Inkscape, Blender, and Cura to create simple 3D prints of computer-generated art.

Rust, WebAssembly, and FCKed Editor, a cursed markdown editor

Another intentionally useless website! This time, I'm using Rust to create a markdown parser that returns emojified text.

Quick and dirty fan hacking with a Raspberry Pi and a 433MHz transmitter

How I made a quick prototype to control my remote-controlled fan with my phone in less than two hours.

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