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I’m Mary Conley, a Full Stack Developer based in Denver Colorado with a passion for designing and building solutions from database to client-side.

I am currently working on personal projects and seeking career opportunities, ideally somewhere I can best put to use my adaptability & passion for implementing new technologies. I specialize in all layers of development, but focus particularly on web standards, creative solutions, and accessibility.
I am not afraid to take on mobile-first design, or database architecture when a project calls for it.

I pride myself in the quality and effort I put into my work, no matter the scale I am working at. I choose my attitude and strive to maintain a positive, motivated work ethic. I consistently

take all of the appropiate steps in the design process to ensure that a design is both functional and visually pleasing.

I take pride in the work that I
do everyday

When I'm not coding, I'm reading about the newest design & technology innovations, playing
video games, trying to improve my rock-climbing skills,
or learning new recipes
to cook for my family,
friends, and pets.



  • Web Development
  • Javascript Implementation
  • Front End & Backend Design
  • Database Architecture
  • Testing & Quality Assurance
  • UX/UI Design
  • Illustration & Graphic Design


  • Javascript
  • Express & Node
  • React & Redux
  • Accessibility, HTML, CSS, SEO
  • Postgresql & Bash
  • VS Code, Wireframing, Postman
  • Restful APIs

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Email mkcnly@gmail.com
LinkedIn /mary-conley-desu
Twitter @mary_codes
Github mary
Medium mkcnly
Slack mkcnly