Mary Knize

Daily conversations with Ursula

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I currently have a mission in Disney Dreamlight Valley where I'm supposed to have two daily conversations with Ursula. The problem is, I usually play the game after 6 PM, and Ursula is asleep!

Ursula is asleep, come back later

I think she wakes up later at night, but by then I'm asleep. I get that octopuses are nocturnal, but come on, make her sleep from noon to 3 PM or something like that!

Overall, I'm enjoying the game, but I feel like a month is too short of a time to finish the Star Path. I couldn't finish the last one. So many of the tasks are incredibly tedious. Tracking down Ursula during her waking hours is hard enough, but I also have to be sure to play the game before 6 PM to have a chance.

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