Welcome to my Projects page! Projects here are built using a MEAN Stack and Restful APIs. Each Project's Tech Stack has a few highlighted key components at the bottom of the project outline and are fully detailed on each corresponding Github repo.

If you have any feedback for any for any of the MVPs below please reach out to me. Thank you~

Project 1

SQL Learning Labs

Project Goal: To help students of different levels master SQL Bash Commands

Using a custom built spaced-repetition algorithm, SQL Learning Labs provides each user with their own individual experience while mastering SQL query-writing.

MongoDB | Passport.js | React & Redux | JWT Token

Project 2

The Friend Zone

Project Goal: To "Socialize" Social-Media

The Friend Zone began with an idea I had to help fill a need in modern society for a revamped type of social media that is less self-centered, focusing on friendly relationships and social education. The Friend Zone provides a platform that encourages fostering deeper connections with people by-design. Each user is provided a hashed-username so that there are no biases or prejudgement. There has also been an implementation for 'Suggested Friends' --or people that are likely good friendship matches based on a user's profile.

Node | Express | React | Google Geolocation API |

Project 3

xlingual - The Global Dictionary

Project Goal: To provide users with a more human way of learning language.

Xlingual was a prototype I wanted to develop for another app idea, but became a fun side-project. It is built around the idea of having a global language in which anyone can use any language's words, terminology, slang, or colloquial meanings as part of their own vocabulary. The idea is that a user can maintain their own private words and definitions or share them globally for others to use.

Node | Express | React | bcrypt | JWT Authentication | Redux Form