Mary Knize

Understanding WCAG

Guideline 1.3 - Adaptable

Content has to be able to be presented in different ways without losing meaning.

1.3.1 - Info and Relationships

The meanings behind visual information like headers, bold text, input groups, etc. need to be relayed to all users.

Aria landmarks

Use the role attribute to identify sections of the page. Some screen readers and plugins allow keyboard users to skip to certain landmarks.

Headings should be indicated with native HTML markup if possible, if not, use role="heading" and aria-level with levels 1-6 to mimic header tags.

Appropriately mark up lists and definition lists so screen readers can skip between lists and list items.

Use table captions to identify the content of a table.

Don't use CSS :before and :after to add any important information to the page. Only use those selectors to add decorative elements.