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So Much to Update

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I haven't updated in the past few months because I've been incredibly busy and also a bit lazy. In August, Jason and I took a trip to Disneyland and the D23 expo in Anaheim. I've been meaning to post a trip recap of that vacation and pictures but just haven't gotten around to it yet.

September has been a very busy time at work. A large project that I had been slowly working on over the past year had suddenly become a priority, plus we welcomed two new hires onto my team, as well as having one of my people go full-time remote across the country. As soon as I would get home at night I wanted nothing to do with computers or the Internet. We also went to Universal Studios Orlando for a few days.

October means that my project at work is winding down and my new hires are getting acclimated to the team. I bought a Fitbit Versa 2 to get in shape after realizing how very out of shape I was after the Disney trip, and I've been tinkering with creating a Disney wait times app for my new watch. I tested it out for the first time today and the early demo works pretty well! It's nice to have a new project to work on. I have a few older things that need updating (my old WebVR theme park site is completely broken right now), but there's nothing quite like working on a new project.

Fitbit WDW wait times app

I'm looking forward to writing up some more blog posts and uploading all my new photos now that everything has settled down, and going back and recapping some of our adventures over the past few months!

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