2/8/19 Official Website Launch! Great way to start the new year & Begin to start job seeking.

Coming Soon Reworking Blog: Wanting to include comics that relate to the difficulties of programming

Coming Soon Creating .pdf versions of my portfolio in 300dpi or 72dpi format for download

Coming Soon Updating the site with a mobile-friendly design

I’m Mary Conley, a Full Stack Developer based in Denver Colorado with a passion for designing and building solutions from database to client-side.

Welcome to my portfolio

You've found my ever evolving personal-page where I plan to not only curate my best work but to document my journey as a perpetual student within the tech domain.
Please enjoy your stay and if you have any feedback, I am more than happy to hear from you.

My goals for 2019 are to continue developing several personal projects which aim to revamp and "socialize" social media platforms.

Interested in collaborating on a project? Have any good Denver pizza place recommendations? Head over to my Contact page to get in touch.

If you're here wanting to get to know me a little better, my About Me page should give you a little more insight into how I like to work & who I am as a person.

Check out my blog or twitter for the latest updates about what I'm working on, otherwise take a peek at Projects to see what I've done so far.

Thanks for visiting!