Mary Knize

A selection of my favorite projects. A lot of these are small projects that I've used to learn a new language or framework. The Github icon links to the Github repo for each project, if available. If I've written about the project on my blog, you can click the pencil icon to view the post. There are also YouTube and TikTok videos available for select projects.


JavaScript, PHP, Python, Rust, Dart, Elm, GLSL, Lua


React, Laravel, Flutter, P5, A-Frame, Three.js, Gatsby, PICO-8

WebVR Projects

Rainbow Sphere Audio Visualizer

(Three.js, React, Web Audio API)



P5 Art

Falling Stars

(P5.js, JavaScript)

Rainbow Drops

(P5.js, JavaScript)


(P5.js, JavaScript)

GLSL Shader Art

Shader Art Viewer (multiple GLSL projects)

(React, GLSL, ThreeJS, JavaScript)

Fitbit Watch Faces & Apps