Mary Knize


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Twitter data request

I wonder how long it'll take for this request for my data to be honored, or if it ever will be.

I've been meaning to detach myself from Twitter for some time. For every one interesting or useful tweet that I see, there are hundreds of garbage, abusive, or trolling tweets that waste time and energy.

On top of that, today's mass layoffs at Twitter are the nail in the coffin. The billionaire needs money to fund his foolishness; I don't wish to be a part of that.

I've tried to leave Twitter a few times, even toyed with building a personal microblog, which was fine but, ugh, databases... I have a nice little blogging setup now. I suppose that'll have to do. I can write whatever I want, without ads or character limits, it just takes a tiny bit longer. Really, isn't that what we all need now? A bit more time reflecting before we write something?

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