Mary Knize

Spotify Mini From The Command Line

1 min read


I like listening to (almost always Disney) Spotify playlists while I work, however, I'm not a huge fan of Spotify's Electron app. I have nothing against Electron apps, but what Spotify doesn't have that I want is a mini mode. I would like to keep a small Spotify window at the bottom of my screen that shows the song name and has playback controls.

After a quick search I found a solution to my problem: create a bash alias for the Mac terminal that will allow me to open up Spotify's web player in an app-like Chrome window.

vim ~/.bash_profile

alias spotify='open -n \/Applications\/Google\ --args --app=""'

Now I can resize the window and put it in the corner of the screen where it's always visible.

I also found a great command line weather service, and gave that an alias as well.

vim ~/.bash_profile

alias weather='curl'
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