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Upcoming project - Hacking fans and beds

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Update: I've written about my quick and dirty fan hacking experience using some of this research.

I have one of those TempurPedic adjustable bed frames, but not the WiFi-enabled one. I also have a few remote-controlled fans in this house. There are remotes everywhere now, and I'm not a huge fan of it.

I'm thinking of a project using one of my Raspberry Pis and an RF transmitter to control the fans and the bed.

Here's some resources I've found. I have transmitters/receivers from some of these tutorials arriving tomorrow. I'm throwing these links here for organization purposes, because now I have a lot of tabs open.

Tempur-Pedic Ease manual - Turns out the bed frame uses a 2.4 GHz radio frequency as opposed to the 433 mHz frequency of the Ergo, so I might be out of luck with the RF modules I bought.

Computer control your Tempurpedic Ergo bed frame - WiFi enabled bed frame, not really applicable, but a start.

DIY Tempurpedic Ergo Adjustable Bed Automation - Hacked the remote control, hardware hacking. I'd rather use a transmitter with a Raspberry Pi than disassemble the remote.

Tempurpedic Remote Relay - More remote hacking.

Bond Home - This will easily control the fans, not the bed.

Tempur-Pedic Ergo support - From the Bond forum, talks about why the Bond Bridge won't work with the Tempur-Pedic bed base.

Super Simple Raspberry Pi 433MHz Home Automation - This tutorial seems promising.

How I Automated My Home Fan with Raspberry Pi 3, RF Transmitter and HomeBridge - Probably going to use this tutorial as the base for my project.

Controlling 433 MHz Remote Switches with Raspberry Pi

Home Assistant Raspberry Pi RF rpi_rf

How to remotely control RF devices with the Raspberry Pi

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