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Things I did in 2021

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I thought I'd try to think back through this year and list out all of the things that made this year significant, and think about how I'd like to improve upon what I've done in the upcoming year.

Projects, programming, and art

Updated my personal website, moved to Netlify, and changed the default URL to

Resumed blogging, this is the 20th post this year!

Learned Rust and Flutter and worked on projects in both, most notably the FCKed Editor, where I also learned how to create and use WebAssembly code.

Finished a prototype of an LED project, working on refining it before writing everything up and releasing the code, but I'm very excited to have a working prototype.

LED project sneak peek

Completed Google's Web Accessiblity course. I want to continue learning about accessibility and possibly become a CPWA, but I haven't progressed further yet.

I did a good amount of creative coding with P5.js, three.js, and a little bit in Blender with Python.

Got a 3D printer at the very end of the year, which I plan to use for some fun art projects.

Experimented with NFTs on the Tezos blockchain. Will I continue? Unsure. I'm still somewhat ambivalent about NFTs, but I'm glad I took time to learn more about Web3/blockchain/NFT.

Tried creating YouTube and TikTok videos. They're fun but honestly I think I like writing more.


Adopted Zoey!

Perfected my macaron technique.

Set up Home Assistant with smart switches around the house.

Read at least 9 books. I'm sure there are some others that I forgot to note down, and I only recently started using Goodreads again to keep track.

Books read in 2021

Kept the majority of my houseplants alive for another year.

A few of my plants

First full year of remote work. Currently remodeling my office to give myself a quiet space.


Stuck with a workout routine from July 7 - October 15. Fell off the routine and have only done seven workouts since mid-October, but I will be resuming after the first of the year.

Fitbit steps

Lost almost 30 lbs. as a result of consistent exercise and portion control.

weight chart

Won two Yes.Fit medals, for a total of 98.9 miles of workouts, and I'm 70% finished with a 69.7 mile race as well.

Yes.Fit medals

Yes.Fit medals

Saw a doctor for the first time in over a decade. I am totally healthy, BTW.


Visited Las Vegas for the first time as part of Jason's work when Covid numbers were looking better. It was a lot of fun but was definitely stressful to travel during a pandemic.

Bellagio hotel, Las Vegas

Enjoyed an immersive Van Gogh exhibit in Orlando.

Immersive Van Gogh

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